Wednesday, 13 June 2012

June Current Stock

All items are one offs so please email for availability and postage costs
You are very welcome to collect your goods free of charge
Lots of shades and bases for sale this month..see below

Vintage linen shade with matching linen band. Vintage button trim £28
Shade 29cm wide x 24cm high SOLD
Shade in alternating panels of vintage white linen and French cotton floral £30
Lovely softly faded print makes great shade for bedroom
Shade 30cm wide x 26 high SOLD
Shade in alternate panels of vintage linen and vintage French cotton floral £30
Shade 34cm wide x 26cm high SOLD
Pale French print with alternate panels of white vintage linen Vintage button £30
Shade 30cm wide x 24cm high
Pale beige linen with toning red striped band and vintage button
Base painted in Farrow & Ball "Old White"
Shade £28 Base £20 Complete £42
                                         Overall height 52cm base 34cm high shade 24cm wide x 23high
Fabulous lampbase made from antique balustrade, wired and with plug £160
Complete with white linen shade £195..shade only £40
Overall height 90cm base 62cm Shade 44cm wide x 37cm high
Base as above with French ticking shade £195 or shade only £40
Overall height 80cm base 62cm Shade 40cm wide x 32high

Standard lamp painted in "Old White"with white linen shade. Buckle trim
Base is beautifully carved, shade is rustic linen/hemp mixture with great texture
Shade £45 or complete with base £80
Overall height 175cm base 148cm Shade 40cm wide x 36cm high SOLD

White linen/hemp shade with vintage button trim £30
lovely warm glow with great textures when lit
Shade 37cm wide x 27cm high

French ticking shade with vintage linen button £32
Can be used with large table lamp or small standard
36cm wide x 29cm high SOLD

1950s French print makes fun shade with wooden base in "Old White"
Shade only £20 complete with base £35 SOLD
overall height 42cm base 28cm shade 23cm wide x 17cm high

White linen shade with painted wooden base in "Old White"
Shade only £22 Complete £35
overall height 54cm base 34cm shade 25cm wide x 23cm high
French cotton floral with painted base as above
Shade £22 Complete £35
overall height 53cm base 34cm shade 26cm wide x 24 cm high
Drum shade in vintage linen lined with white cotton £25
26cm wide x 24cm high SOLD
Drum shade in vintage linen panels with vertical stripe detail and red band £25
25cm wide x 24cm high
Plain linen shade with vintage button trim £28
33cm wide x 25cm high SOLD

French dairy jar £42 SOLD
Apothecary jar £28 label reads Bismouth
French saltglaze jug £32
lovely unusual shape
French saltglaze jug £22
More items like these; please email for prices/images

I always have a large number of cushions, usually in pairs although you do not need to buy two.
Reductions of £4 if you buy a pair All pads are feather and all prices include feather pad
French floral with vintage linen Linen button trim
54cmx33cm £28 43cmx33cm £26

Foreground Pink floral stripe with white French linen 54cmx33cm £28each SOLD
Background Quilted floral with French linen 50cm x 30cm £28 each SOLD
Warm red french barkcloth with vintage linen, toning stripe and linen button trim £26 each
Tiny 30cm square in same floral also available £16 SOLD

Pretty floral print with toning stripe detail and linen button trim Vintage linen background £26 each

                                   Floral barkcloth with lovely contrasting red and turquoise shades.
Complimentary vintage linen stripe and linen button trim 43cm x 33cm £26 each Two pairs available
                               Beautiful French print fron 19th century. Cherry red and grey with vintage linen
                               Stripe detail and linen button trim  54cm x 33cm £28 each

                     Blue and beige French floral on cream ground with toning vintage linen stripe
                         Linen button trim  Pair available 43cmx 33cm  £28 each
                       Toning French ticking cushions with bakelite button fastening on back

                                    Large cushion above is 50cm square £28 43cm x 33cm also available £24
                             Large cushion has lovely darns but also some staining so please ask for close up images

                        Warm burgundy and mushroom coloured French print with vintage linen                            Ribbin trim with vintage linen buttons 54cm x 33cm £26 each

French toile in rust and cream depicting hunting dogs and birds
Toning vintage linen 43cm x 33cm £24 SOLD
Patchwork in linen and ticking and featuring the same toile..see below

                           Contrasting textures in this combination of cream hemp and vintage linen
                               Plaited linen trim and linen buttons down centre 43cm x 33cm £28 SOLD

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