Monday, 11 February 2013

February 2013..lampshades and bases

NEW stock for February 2013. Lampshades and bases with cushions to follow soon
For ordering and delivery details please read sidebar on right

Blue check cotton shade on vintage polished wood base SOLD
Shade 32cm wide x 25cm high on base 62cm high Shade £30 on base £48
Blue Vichy check shade on wooden base, painted in Farrow & Ball "Old White"
Shade 21high x 22 wide on base 51cm high Shade £28 with base £45BASE SOLD
Blue Vichy shade 22 high x 24 wide £30
Pair available..£55 pair SOLD
Tiny candlestick shades..low wattage bulbs only £24 pair SOLD
French linen ticking shade suitable for large table lamps or small standards
33cm high x 40cm wide £34 SOLD
French linen ticking shade 25cm high x 30 wide £28 on base £45
Floral cotton shade 21 high x 25 wide  £28 on base 52cm £45 SOLD
Smaller floral shade 19 high x 19 wide £22 on base £40 SOLD
Narrow shape shade good for narrow tables or shelves
Pair of different sizes in same fabric £45 SOLD
Lovely pink Vichy check shade on base 47cm high £45
Shade only 18 high x 25 wide £28 SOLD
Smaller Vichy check shade on base £32 40cm high
Shade only 18high x 20 wide £24
Both pink Vichy shades £48 SOLD
Cream linen shade with cream tape tie trim on wooden base £48BASE SOLD
Shade only 22 high x 27 wide £30
White linen shade, great texture, on wooden base 52cm high £45
Shade only 23 high x 25 wide £28 SOLD
Floral cotton and white linen panelled shade on vintage candlestick base 66cm high £55
Also on polished wood base 64cm  £52 SOLD
Shade only 27cm high x 32cm wide £30 SOLD
Hexagonal shade in floral cotton and white linen panels 64cm high £55
on polished wood base 62cm £52 BASE SOLD
Shade only 26cm high x 33 wide £30 SOLD
Pink seersucker shade on wooden base 53cm £40
Shade only 22 high x 25 wide £20
Large hexagonal shade in vintage linen 33 high x 37 wide £32
for large tablelamps or small standard lamps
                                      Small linen shade with contrast band 23 high x 25 wide £24 SOLD

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