Tuesday, 19 February 2013

For the bed

I have several quilts and eiderdowns for sale as well as some lovely cushions made with antique lace
This lace is fragile so better as a bedroom cushion rather than on the sofa
Eiderdowns and quilts are lovely over conventional bedding to give a vintage look to the room and can be carefully laundered when needed although all are supplied clean. As these are large and bulky I have included the cost of courier delivery in the price; you can collect and save £10

Traditional eiderdown with pretty rose print 110cm x 150cm  £50.00 (includes postage by courier)
Slight staining to one side but has been washed so nice and fresh. Same design on both sides SOLD
Another eiderdown in pale yellow and pink with tradional paisley print. Great condition, has been laundered
120cm x150cm (sits nicely on double bed, see image) £60 to include delivery by courier SOLD

Durham quilt in cotton, hand stitched patchwork in blues and cherry reds with plain white underside SOLD
Some damage to edges but good condition overall and very clean 160cm x 200cm £82 includes postage

Lovely design Durham quilt with white underside, nice clear colours. 2m x2.2m £78 including postage
Frayed edges and slight damage to some of the patches but good condition overall  SOLD

Very nice floral Durham quilt, handstitched and with completely reversible underside in blue floral SOLD

Some staining to pink side of quilt although not very noticable due to pattern. Blue side unmarked SOLD
Quilt is 2m x 2m and fits over double size duvet, see image at top £90 including courier delivery SOLD

Cushions made from vintage linen and antique lace. The lace is lovely but should be handled carefully as can catch on buttons, jewellery etc; better as boudoir cushions than on the living room sofa SOLD

Vintage French linen with lace, feather pad, 55cm x33cm £32 each plus £5 postage

30cm square cushions in vintage white linen with lace insert and feather pad £18 each plus £3 postage
Cushions will be posted free of charge if bought with a quilt or eiderdown


  1. Hi Heather. I'm looking for a hand-stitched quilt in a predominantly blue colourway. Ideally it would be a maximum of 160cm wide as we have a wooden bed with raised sides, but might be interested in something larger. What do you have at the moment?

    Couldn't find an email address for you so leaving a comment here.

    PS Bought a couple of items from you at the Selvedge Winter Fair and have been very impressed by your goods.

  2. Hi Alison thank you for your kind comments
    The only blue quilt at present is the one shown but perhaps that has too much red in it?
    I'm always on the lookout for pretty quilts so will keep you in mind. My email is hellish44@hotmail.com if you want to contact me again